Signature Muffler

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Signature Muffler
Aperse Signature Muffler is an ultimate fall and winter wrapping piece. Knitted from the purest yak wool found in Mongolian mountains- it will keep you snug, whether worm over a coat for a stylish city look or over a ski jacket at the slopes.
From the Himalayan region, YakWool is one of the most luxurious fibers found. Its insulating qualities make it perfect for cold weather. The yarn is very fine and preserved as the natural colour of the hair. It is non-allergenic and non-irritating as it contains no chemicals, animal oils or residue. Aperse sources the YakWool from sustainable nomads in the mountains of Mongolia. Care: We recommend to hand wash yak in cold water with a gentle ecological detergent.
All Aperse products are finished by an expert tailor team in London. We use best quality naturally dyed threads on all our garments. Our Limited Line garments are hand finished in Europe and our Yak Wool fibers are hand picked from Mongolia.The embroidery is entirely hand stitched and attached on each garments. Care: Products by hand are delicate so we recommend to closely follow our instruction on our tags.

100% Yak

180cm length 65cm width

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