Morning Frost Muffler

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Morning Frost Muffler
Knitted by artisans from delicate cashmere yarns, the lightweight Morning Frost Muffler will be a year-long wear. Its colour combination, length and style-fit make it the accessory of the season. Drape it over a jacket or wear it around your neck with a hoodie.
Aperse sources the Cashmere from Mongolia and Nepal. Cashmere is produced from the fine, soft undercoat of hair of the Kashmir goat. Cashmere yarn is extremely soft, lightweight and warm. It feels luxurious and creates an excellent drape. Aperse uses premium 100/2 and finest 200/2 yarn counts. Care: We recommend to hand wash with cold water and lay flat to dry on a towel for days. Be sure to store it dry with lavender sachets to avoid holes from moths.
All Aperse products are finished by an expert tailor team in London. We use best quality naturally dyed threads on all our garments. Our Limited Line garments are hand finished in Europe and our Yak Wool fibers are hand picked from Mongolia.The embroidery is entirely hand stitched and attached on each garments. Care: Products by hand are delicate so we recommend to closely follow our instruction on our tags.

100% Cahmere

260 cm length 80 cm width


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